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Inspired through meditation to connect with my friends!

In an effort to live a life more free and in alignment with my sacred self, I am currently reading a book by Wayne Dyer. Today, as I was reflecting over the insight and wisdom that each page seems to offer for me- messages came at me for certain people that I respect and admire greatly.  Below, I am sharing these passages with you all. Perhaps there is a kernel of truth that may make your day even that more special.

Michael Jolson: you are in the unique position to offer a message of peace to many and make profound changes in this world- Thank you!

“By taking the anger of warriors, you become one more warrior who is creating additional disharmony in the world.  As the witness, you radiate the calm energy of observation and detachment.  This is what our world will ultimately grasp as we notice and witness participate in the spiritual revolution.”

Karyn Todd: You are such a giver, make sure that those who are worthy of you come with love!

“Let no one enter your inner kingdom unless they come with love.  All others, you simply stand back and witness them and yourself in this little drama unfolding.  Once you stop the false identification of yourself, you are free.  Being the witness is your ticket to freedom.”

Simone Gers:  you are pure magic!

“What we need to do is to allow magic to get hold of us is banish doubt from our minds. . . Once doubts are banished, anything is possible.”

Ana Gloria Rivas-Vasquez:  For your kindness project!

“You will soon see folly of engaging in this anxiety-producing confrontation, and you will shift more to a spiritual response. . . When you have the choice between being right and being kind, always choose kind.”

Ingrid Navas:  For your message to come out clearly!

“Take on this venture with complete detachment from the results.  Just know that there is a knower of the known within you.  A noticer of that which is noticed.  A silent divine spirit that is omnipresent in your life.  Ask nothing more.”

Lisa Lommerin: Start playing again!

“Everything in the universe is energy/  You cannot move without influencing energy.  You are a storehouse of energy, and you always have been.  Give yourself permission to go beyond your senses and experience a new kind of formless energy that will put you in touch with the worls you may never have imagined.”

Luisa Santiago:  Because you also trust the process of life.

“You will see solutions pouring forth . . if you know your problems are not yours. . .Peace is not the absence of conflict.  Peace is the experience of the presence of God.”


And finally, for me and Margaret S.:

“Post this affirmation in as many places as possible.  “In my world, nothing ever goes wrong.” Look at it each day and let it remind  you that everything that is happening to you is in divine order and comes with a lesson.

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