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Inspired by your glorious uniqueness!

Inspired by our glorious uniqueness!

We all have a uniqueness all our own.  We are born with the gift of life and a spirit that wants to soar.  Each of us is blessed with a tremendous capacity to bring our creative talents to each and everything that we do in life.  For all of us are the lucky ones who have been given the gift of life, we need to remember that with all special gifts comes the responsibility to both take care of them and nurture them to become all that they are meant to be.  Sometimes we all may go through life going through the motions and getting stuck in the rut of a routine that does not enable exploration of your creative spirit.  Awareness is the first step to break free of the chains of monotony.  There may be that yearning of spirit that is pulling at your heart strings begging to be developed and realized.  It may be your decision to respond to that yearning that allows you to break out of whatever you feel is holding you back to truly see all parts of ourselves flourish and grow.  Dream and follow your bliss, the first step that will start you on the path to realization.  I would have to agree with the wise words of Gilda Radner, it is a tragedy to allow any part of us to die because we buy into what we perceive to be someone else’s desires for us or we think that we have lost the ability to dream.  It is time to really look in the mirror and ask yourself what you need in order to be the amazing authentic spirit that the divine created you to be.  You need to be the master of your destiny to express that glorious uniqueness that the world needs to know.  We are all lovable beings just waiting to embrace the gift of life that until our last day is ours to live.  Don’t wait for an invitation to embrace it, today is as good of a day as any.  You are the one who can allow all parts of yourself to live- set your spirit free, let your creative mind go and share with all of us the beauty that is your glorious uniqueness. We need to be MORE ourselves so the beautiful quilt of all our lives can truly be appreciated! I cannot imagine a world that did not benefit from the spirit of laughter that Gilda Radner brought to us all- I also cannot imagine a world without knowing your talents that may now  lay dormant and only need a push to awaken- those talents are what inspire and impact artists like Louis Armstrong to sing so eloquently, “And, I think to myself –What a wonderful world!”  I challenge all of you to inspire each person you meet with your glorious uniqueness and fly- start today- no regrets!

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