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If I showed you who I am, would you still love me?

This creative month of May, my soul circle encouraged each one of us to write a poem about ourselves on whatever we wanted to share with the group. I have been contemplating vulnerability- the balance of who I know myself to be and what I allow others to see, I was moved to write the following:

You think you see me, but only what I care to share with you. I miss my life that was so effortlessly lived at one time. Now, I protect those pieces of me that I fought so desperately to put back together. I have heard it say that you are strongest at the broken places, but trust is difficult. Am I strong enough, do I dare let you in? I am the beautiful little child that dances behind the screen. At the same time, I am the gentle soul whose anxiety scares her beyond a doubt. I am desperate to be the free spirit again – to roam in the mystical here on Earth. I am destined to live out my days wonderfully. But if I showed you all of me, would you honor that gift. Would you judge me because you do not understand or would you play with me only to learn more? If I showed you who I am, flaws and gifts alike, would you still love me?

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