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I am Dancing with the Universe Today!

What is a “MEG”net Affirmation?

A magical “MEG”net affirmation is an uplifting statement that helps you to create a habit that manifests and attracts more positivity into your life. In simplest terms, a magnet is an object that produces a magnetic field that pulls objects to it. Like a magnet, a “MEG”net in simplest terms is a tool that you can use to level up your own extraordinary power within to attract more magnificence. Using my name “MEG” added to the net, I add my personal touch to help open up your net to capture all the good coming your way and shift to a higher vibration every day. These affirmations can help you to come alive to the beauty of your dreams that will lead to bliss.

“MEG”net Affirmation: I am dancing with the universe today.

“The greatest human activity occurs in regard to your relationships with not only loved ones but also the very cosmos and, ultimately, God.” Dr. Michael Anthony Nocero, Jr., my father.

How I dance with life will sure to be my legacy. Today, I may prefer to rumba surrounded by beautiful friends. Tomorrow, salsa and cumbia alone with glee. I may take the lead today, then I shall follow you tomorrow. The dance of life will carry me always- one ballet step forward out of sorrow. Spinning with delight guided by my magical song; my body is free to move and nothing feels wrong.  I engage the wonderful rhythm and move my feet along. I feel the beat of a drum whose drummer plays it strong. I am dancing with the universe today, I invite you on this incredible path. And if we stumble along the way, I promise you I won’t laugh. Shall we dance magical ones before the day is through, we will always remember those moments that I will share with you.

“MEG”net Affirmation Cards & Sparkle & Shine

Like a caterpillar changes in the cocoon, you can emerge renewed into a spiritual freedom that marks a new beginning.  Embracing your own beauty reaching new heights, time to be just like the butterfly.

“MEG”net Affirmations and cards available, Sparkle & Shine, 108 M.A.N.T.R.A.s to Brighten your Day and Lighten Your Way.

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