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How to conduct a direct and cross examination of your life?

Society Finches

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The Direct

Where am I going now that I know that I can go anywhere and do anything?  What will I be saying now that I know that my words hold a penetrable force or energy to build foundations and cause amazing change? How will I be feeling now that I know how important feelings can be as they dictate the profound music that has become my life and leave a lasting impact on my present and future?  When will I take action now that I know how short and beautiful life is and how  important it is to choose people whose energy brings life to mine?  And, Who will I be now that I know that my destiny is mine to choose and follow if bliss is to be mine?

The Cross

Are you paying attention to the path that your soul wants to follow?  Are you cautious to use words to empower and give love? Are you paying attention to the feelings that come up as you move forward to either let you know you are going in the right direction or not?  Are you making the most of the opportunity to experience a well lived life?  And, in the end were you a person who loved as part of your destiny to make this world a better place?

If you answer, yes, then well done my friends, well done!

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