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Have YOU forgotten that you are a miracle too!?!

Have YOU forgotten that you are a miracle too!?!

“. . .[W]hat after all is ordinary about being born and living a human life? Each life simply explodes with potential- we can accomplish pretty much anything we put mind and material effort to.  Each life is a miracle.”  Concetta Bertoldi

While you are a witness each and every day to the miraculous, did you know that you are a miracle too? Touch the life of another and witness sparks of greatness ignite for the first time.  Spend time acknowledging someone else’s gift and watch pure potential come to life.  Offer the gift of your presence, look into the eyes of a fellow traveler and jointly admire the miracle standing before you. Validate the beauty of life within you and in front of you, and accept your role as a miraculous being here to give and receive unconditional love and support in life. Start to believe in your magic, show up because you want to, and realize what is possible for your life. Your earthly adventure is meant to be extraordinary.  You CAN accomplish anything that you put your mind to and inspire others to do the same.  You are a precious miracle, you just need to embrace this fact and choose love over hate, choose bliss over sorrow.   This love is what God has intended for you to experience.  You are more precious that the finest diamonds. You are a miracle, an extraordinary miracle.  Choose to see your truth in that light. Have you forgotten this truth? If so, today is the day to step into your path knowing this like the back of your hand and stand back to witness the miraculous explosion of potential, love and beauty you will share with the world!

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