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Happy Decisionmaking!

“Since every choice is a fork in the road, each decision brings with it new hope and promise.”

Richard Carlson, PhD

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

In every moment of my life, I make choices- may they be big or small. I imagine that you all do as well.  These choices may not seem so important or they may seem to be huge.  Some are easily made and some can paralyze you- they can range from where to go to lunch, where to put my kids in school, to is this relationship serving me or how  will I serve others today.  Each of these decisions, no matter how big or how small can change the trajectory or the path of my life, and your choices have the same effect on your life as well- we just don’t often think of things that way when we unconsciously move through our days.   When we are conscious in our decisions in life, we turn from an attitude of “it is done to me” towards a more empowering posture of “I choose what I create.” It could be a smile to opening a door for someone to making the tough decisions and trusting all will be well- this ultimately creates an atmosphere of love that will surround you.  When we make that shift in our life view, it is really exciting because then we begin to notice that each choice really can bring new hope and promise if we allow it.  I challenge you all to go within and really think about your life and perform as if you are the director in your own play rather than someone who is a puppet being acted upon.  If we take a moment to do this, go within and listen to our intuition, we will find that we have all the answers to what it is that we need on this journey and our choices will align with our spirit. Trust yourself and watch your choices open up your world and let the beauty unfold. What a great way to embolden and live your life- Happy decision making as we embark on a new moment, this new day! Breath the AIR-your

dreams are Always In Reach!


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