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God helps those who help themselves-“Aiutati che Dio t’aiuta”!

“Aiutati che Dio t’aiuta” is an Italian proverb that means God helps those who help themselves.  If you go through life thinking that you are a victim of your own circumstance, you are certainly setting yourself up for failure.  However, if you go through life empowered to make the best choices for you regardless of any situation that you face, , then you are taking the necessary steps to help yourself along your path and the results can be tremendous.  In the same way, when you go through life and are introduced to many environments and different people, be sure to be clear-minded and follow your instinct as to where you place yourself and who you choose to connect with.  When you are surrounded by people who treat others with kindness, speak words of love about others, who serve their fellow human beings, fail to complain incessantly and offer loving support for the goals and dreams of others, you start to become like them. You start to take on the positive habits of these individuals and your life starts to change for the better.  The same is true when you surround yourself with the opposite.  Remember you are a volunteer, there are no victims here. So the choice is truly yours to make.  Rather than complain as to where your choices have taken you thus far and that you are stuck with the circumstances you are in, know and believe that starting today you can make the changes necessary to divert the course of your life in a wonderful direction.  Byadopting the magic of believing, when you set out to help yourself in this life, the choices you make in the present moment  will be supported by the love of a God who wants you to strive in this life. So in this present moment, just for today become awake to the choices regarding the environment that youchoose and the company that you keep. For your good associations in this life will dictate all the good that you will attract. And if you think about, it just makes sense! Choose well people of high character and choose well places that feed your soul, and soon enough you will be the same! So when you surround yourself with wonderful people, be happy that you do and smile assuredly because you are one in the same!

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