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Give love as a service to the world!

“Loving relationships are based upon commitment and giving.  It is in giving of all of yourself, the good news and the not-so-good, that strong relationships are created.”

Robert White

If you want to receive in life, you have to give. If you want to be loved, you have to approach life and all your relationships with a commitment to love.  If you want to feel the abundance of the universe, you have to commit to sharing your gifts and talents with others so that the universe can respond.  Your willingness to give of yourself and be authentic is the necessary ingredient that will change your experience on earth.  Authenticity means sharing the good times and the bad, opening up to being vulnerable with another person, and accepting where you both are so that you can move forward together.  When you decide to be authentic and loving in service to others, it will all come back to you, gifts, love and abundance. Especially when you are feeling low, this is the time to reach down deep, be honest, and share yourself to help someone who may be in a worse predicament.  Giving love away will fill you up beyond belief.  The fact that we are alive here and now gives us the greatest opportunity to experience this world as givers.  As you approach life in service, asking what you can do for others, then life responds in kind with abundance.  Don’t selfishly hold back from giving love where love is what the world needs most now.  Don’t fear lack, when embracing a life of abundance in all areas is all a matter of choice and perspective.  Approach your life and your connections with love and an open heart and your life will mirror that experience back to you.  It is that simple. Giving selflessly works to help you create an extraordinary life.    So if you want to build extraordinary, solid and loving relationships with people, loved ones, significant others, friends or family, then you need to approach each and everyone of them with the idea to give love.  And with this approach you not only serve the world but you serve yourself too!


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