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From pain to joy through music!

We are all connected. While much of the time the connections introduce us to a great deal of love, sometimes they can introduce us to a great deal of pain.  Pain that comes when you are misunderstood by another, pain that comes when you are treated poorly by another, and pain that comes from a lack of love that leaves you feelings a tremendous loneliness even though you may not be alone.  When I am experiencing a connection in life that leaves me feeling an overwhelming wave of pain, there comes a point where it is necessary for me to figure out a way to disconnect from the source and plug into joy.  That is where music comes in.  Music is the easiest outlet for spiritual healing.  Music has the ability to soothe your soul when it has been wounded. Music has a way of giving you hope for a better tomorrow. And, when you connect to the kind of music that touches you at your core and it hits you, the strength of your spirit is reawakened and for that moment you no longer feel pain.  There is a shift in time that happens when you are exposed to wonderful music that changes your energy to one where you are empowered to walk away from the connections that harm you towards those that build you up.  And as you continue to allow the music to move you to the place where your spirit feels free again, through this new song, your life happily evolves into a new dance of joy!

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