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Free will—the choice is yours.

Always dream and shoot higher than you know you can do. Do not bother just to be better than your contemporaries or predecessors. Try to be better than yourself.

~William Faulkner, American Nobel Prize–winning novelist

When you follow your dreams and shoot higher than before, what ensues thereafter is a change in your definition of what you believe is possible. When you go within and tap into that light source that emanates from your beautiful heart, you will glow brighter than what you thought was probable. You are a beacon of light in a world that believes darkness is all there is. You are a dreamer in a world that limits its reality. You are stretching past your own limitations to get in touch with where your journey is taking you. You are doing what allows you to follow your bliss on whatever path appears. Free will allows you the choice each day to determine which direction you shall go. Inspiration comes from the wisdom of the ages when you freely exult, “Hey, it’s a new day, and I am alive, so what’s next?” It is as simple as that! If you are alive, then the world is waiting for you to shoot higher and become your brilliant self, shining your light, love, and happiness for all to see. When you honor that privilege to do so, the ripple of your amazing self will travel far and wide as you challenge others to become better than they were yesterday as well.

Magical Key to Bliss: Set out to do something good today, and inspire others to do the same.


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