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Free to choose your own illusion!

“There is no room for shame or regret in my life.  I’m too full. I am too forgiven, too adored, too fully loved, too full of ideas and dreams and passion to waste my precious life pretending to be crippled by something that is imaginary, like shame.  Shame is an illusion. It disappears so easily.”

Glennon Doyle Melton

Why do you choose to punish yourself over and over again for something that has happened and cannot be changed? What is done is done.  Now is the time for acceptance. Acceptance allows you to embrace all that you are, the miraculous and the imperfect. Shame is just an illusion, all negative emotions are.  While you cannot change the events of the past, you can learn from them so that they positively impact your future.  Your freedom of choice and awareness will allow you to break the negative patterns of your the mind so not to doom yourself to repeat the lesson over and over again. There is no time for ruminating over negative experiences. If something challenging happens, look and ask what lessons are you supposed to learn from all of this.  When you realize that continued shame or regret serves no purpose for your life, you will be free to hold your head high as the beauty of your personal journey unfolds.  May each one of you continue on your path empowered by positivity that guides you through your big and beautiful life! For if it is all an illusion, choose an illusion where you are emboldened by the lessons learned and excited by your story. Then prepare to feel your spirit soar!

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