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For it is in giving that we receive!

For it is in giving that we receive!

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” Winston Churchill

Have you ever been the recipient of an unexpected bouquet of flowers? Have you ever been surprised by a visit or call out of the blue from a good friend that you have not heard from in a while? Have you ever struggled in life only to find out that someone has done a good deed that makes your experience a little easier to handle?  If you have been the giver or the receiver in any of the preceding scenarios, then you know how wonderful it can feel on both ends when you experience the act of service.  When you receive by virtue of someone taking the opportunity to serve you out of love, it feels wonderful.  And, when you give in kind, it feels even more incredible knowing that you have made a difference in the life of another.  Both sides of the coin, you become a part of the karmic circle of goodness that each of us can benefit from.  When you are the receiver of such acts, your world changes because you realize you are connected and not alone.  When you are the giver of such acts, you are empowered for a moment in time as you profoundly touch the heart and soul of another.  You all have responsibilities and need to make a living to support yourself and your family.  And, perhaps the media broadcasts worldwide the idea of “What is in it for me?”  But this is a short sighted focus for there are assurances that when you make a shift in your consciousness that focuses on how you can help or serve one another, you will experience a greater feeling of connection and treasure than you have ever known.  The more of you that realize that it is in the giving that you receive, the more of you who will experience a life that is beyond satisfying and fulfilling. So maybe today you will decide to join the karmic circle of good and  participate in an act of service, whether big or small.  Or perhaps, you will be lucky enough to be on the receiving end.  Either way, rest assured the love you experience in both scenarios will multiply as you become a part of the experience to serve today!

How will you be of service today?

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