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Follow your intuition!

Sometimes the sixth sense, the intuition, cries out loudly. Sometimes it is only a faint whisper. When we pay attention to it over and over again, we can tune in more and more to the point where it becomes as natural as seeing, hearing, speaking, touching and smelling. Last night was a clear example of how I followed my intuition to do something that i would not normally do.  It was a lazy Saturday at our house. We slept in and missed my daughter’s keyboard class. Then as I worked on my book for most of the day, we decided to forgo attending a kid birthday party.  Because we were enjoying the beauty of doing nothing for a day, il bel far niente, I was even going to pass on an event for my daughter’s school, one where I had already purchased tickets.  My children were tired and I could easily stay in and just enjoy the moment.  But, something inside me said I had to show up.  I would be going with the kids alone as I did not know any of the other parents who would be attending. It more than likely could have been an event where i had to be my most cheerful self and try to make conversation with people I did not know well.  While I wanted to support my daughters school, I thought just take a pass. Then, I felt my intuition say just go, pushing me to go. So I rallied the troops out of the lazy mode and got dressed and left with only 1 hour left of the event to go. 

When we arrived, it appeared that there was no more babysitting.  There were no other children as we showed up at 8:30 pm and my kids were whining because they were hungry.  As I approached the bar to get  a menu to order for them, my friend from work who was there to support her girlfriend pulled me aside to say hello. She introduced me to her mom as well.  My kids gave her mom and my friend a big hug and I scurried them back to the table.  About two seconds later, my friend came over to me and told me thank you for giving that moment to her mom. As it stands, her family was going through a nightmare for the past three weeks. Her parents came to visit from out of town and her father got ill and landed in the emergency room then intensive care. Knowing how difficult it is to spend a 24 hour vigil caring for a sick parent, i understood. She said to me that being with my kids made her mother’s day.  She said that she had not seen her mom smile in weeks up until that time and thanked me profusely.  We spent the rest of the evening sitting with my friend and her mom and my son was a captive audience.  We really did not do anything but be present and sometimes that is just enough. Giving love whichever way all of us can.  We will be praying for her family as they go through this tough time. As for me, I am happy that I followed my intuition that was pushing me to go.  It was a gifted opportunity to show love and make a difference in the life of another and in turn we received the love back in kind.  So today and everyday work on listening to that sixth sense of yours, if will not steer you wrong!

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