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Follow the Butterflies!

Follow the Butterflies!

The morning after my mother passed away, we were looking for her butterfly. We have traditionally believed that when a person in our family is released from the physical body, the butterfly is the sign that they are still with us and watching over us. The day after my mother died, we looked to my daughter who had a big beautiful purple (healing) butterfly on her shirt. She was there!! I have since seen many synchronistic butterflies to indicate that I am on the right path, my mother is close by and a reminder of her love for me! My sister gave me a rock that says the following “If there never was any change, then there’d be no butterflies!” It is so true without our personal transformation in life, we never would be able to metamorphosis into the more beautiful individuals that we get to grow into! I see butterflies as a God wink that the Divine is there for you every step of the way! So today if you see your own butterflies, smile to yourself because you are being reminded of our special you are! We are not alone and as long as you follow the butterflies as they loop and dance, you too will be able to do the same! Happy Sunday. Love you all!

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