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Find the happy ones and enjoy the trip!

What a long, strange trip it’s been.

~Jerry Garcia

You want to be around happy people. You know who they are, those people who giggle, dance, sing, hum, and even prance through their day. The kind of happiness they are experiencing is contagious. You almost want to apologize if you complain around them lest you disturb the incredible energetic buzz that they display. Not that they don’t have their share of problems; they just choose to see the silver lining. They choose to see the beauty on a rainy day. They choose love that drives the hate away. They choose to lift others up and rise when they fall. They choose to be happy in spite of it all. On this long, strange trip that you get to experience as you take your yearly trips around the sun, wouldn’t it be better to travel with happy people by your side? Wouldn’t it be better to learn from them as they choose to look at the bright side of life rather than at the darkness? Wouldn’t it be better to invite them to show you a different way of looking at the world? You want to be around happy people because you want to own the happiness that already resides within. And the happy ones, the charming gardeners of souls, will remind you how to do that by their example. So find the happy ones, and wherever you are on your long, strange trip, you may just enjoy it a whole lot more.

Magical Key to Bliss: Go to where the happy people are!

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