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Enthusiasm is the Spice of Life!

Enthusiasm is the spice of life!

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about.”

Charles Kingsley

Life can become more and more simple if we let it.  The old paradigm that we all must work hard to earn enough money to have the comfort and luxury that we seek can rapidly change if we let it.  The whole idea of “keeping up with the Joneses” has had many of us stressed out of our minds and questioning what the point of the rat race really is, your life can make a fundamental shift if you let it.  While it has been said, money truly cannot buy happiness if the race towards it attainment is the goal, the ego is a funny thing.  It may tell you that you are only worthy if you have the comfort and luxury that the outside world tells us is necessary for success and happiness.   The ego may tell you that you are no good unless you are recognized by others for what others perceive as important.  The ego may trick you into buying into a vicious cycle where you are too exhausted and sick to enjoy the luxuries that you have cluttered your life with.

The reality can be that when you wake up to the passion in your life, you will find a success that can never be quantified!  When I say wake up, I mean you will stop measuring yourself by anyone else’s standards and embrace your own guided by your love for life and your enthusiasm.  We all want positive change, well then focus on the shift.  There is a shift in the world when we look inside and figure out where our passions lie.  There is a shift in the world when we would rather live with less to experience more.  There is a shift in the world when we turn to our neighbors and have a different conversation that focuses on the internal inherent worth of each person and how we will assist each other in realizing our dreams.  There is a shift that is almost sure to come about when people live the life that they were meant to live and truly follow their bliss.  This bliss will come about when we start to identify what makes us most enthusiastic and then share our dreams with others for it is about the connections and the time used well that we will begin to  make a difference in this world.   And more so, when we start doing things that we love with great enthusiasm and the journey becomes our greatest joy in life, each day lends its hand to magic and miracles that we will begin to discover.  So, what is it in your life that causes a great enthusiasm to come over you?  What is that special something that make you come to life just thinking about it?  When will be the right time to get out of the rat race doing something that exhausts you and dulls your spirit to suddenly wake up in the morning excited that the best chapters of your life story are now being written?  God has blessed us all with amazing talents, when we start utilizing those in the present rather than waiting for the “some day” to be the right time, then you start to wake up from the slumber you may have been in and every cell of your body will begin to rejoice. There can be no regrets when you identify that something that brings great enthusiasm as one of the vital life ingredients added to spice up your life.  I get happy just thinking about it!  

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