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ENOUGH! Live your own life already!!

“People who say it cannot be done should not interrupt those who are doing it.”

George Bernard Shaw

Enough- Live your own life already. Don’t trod down the path that is suggested to you if in your gut it is not for you!  Break free of the ties that bind you and set out on the journey that is worthy of you. You have dreams, you have passions and you have tools to make it all happen. You have hopes, you have desires, and you have great plans.  You are never too old to start today to plant the seeds for all of it to come true. And today, as long as you live and breath, tell those who cast doubt upon you to move aside- this is your time.  You have no guarantee on how much time you have, so why waste a moment of it. And, when even the tiniest negative thought attempts to creep into the door of your mind, make the choice to say “Enough” or “Basta” as the Italians say, and shut that door so that your light can continue to shine.  What is really holding you back anyway?  You want to write, then write. You want to dance, then dance. You want to live a healthier life, take the first step and move.  You want to sing, then turn the radio on and go to it.  You want to serve the world, then do yourself the biggest favor and start to serve with honor, love and respect  your purpose here on Earth.  People will see the way you live and be inspired to do the same.  Doors will open once you start to experience all the joy of living.  And the joy will be infectious.  Your life will open when you set out to see your dreams come true.  And your “good” life will be infectious.  So if you have had it looking for permission to be all that you are, then my suggestion to you is to really take your own inventory, set out your heart desires, believe in yourself and live your life already. Time is short you make a choice to leave your mark however you see fit. And when you look into the mirror, you will know that the only one whose opinion really matters is your own.  When you start to say enough and ignore both the naysayers and your own depleting thoughts, you are empowered once again to focus and do. And when you do, there is no end to what you can accomplish. So, scream out “Enough, basta cosi”,  and live your life already! 

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