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Don’t worry, as long as we step up to the challenges in life, we can be euphoric!

Life can sometimes be overwhelming with love, joy, and also pain! Here in the Earth school we all get a chance to experience the greatest joys as well as experience the greatest sorrows.  It is all a part of the miraculous gift we are given on a daily basis.  It seems to me the more experience we get and the more time we have under our belt, the opportunities we get become more challenging and to face them we need to become more and more vulnerable to the risk of doing so.  And, most of us do decide to take hold of our opportunities because the choice of not engaging in life and following our dreams is more of a sacrifice than opening ourselves up to the possible pain that we may experience.  As we move forward and graduate to the next levels of our journey, there may be times we are compelled to scream out “Enough! Enough! Enough!”  There may be times where we need a break especially  when we feel like we are at our wits end.  So when we feel those times, instead of closing off from the challenge, listen to our inner voice as it knows what we need.  Heed the call and  stop, slow down and take care of ourselves.  The experience that we are all having is very unique and individualized, sometimes we all need to just HALT and ask the questions-  Are you Hungry for something more, are you Angry because life has thrown you a curve, are you Lonely and need a mentor or guide or are you Tired and need some rest?  That too is stepping up to the challenge of slowing down a bit when we most need to.   When we feel overwhelmed by stress and anxiety, it is not the time to beat ourselves up. That is the time to take the former lessons in the life’s classroom and see how they are applicable to our lives.  Maybe we are called to meditate or to pray. Maybe we are called to be still.  Maybe we are called to change the direction of our life and place our ladder on a different wall- so to speak. Or it may be time to find a new teacher to help guide us on our way.  We will always succeed in life if we take the time to process what is going on and make efforts to use that information to catapult our dreams forward at a time where the energy is there. Life’s classroom offers all of us many opportunities to  experience so many important lessons custom-made for each one of us, the question is are we willing to trust the process, follow our internal guide and surrender it all to God. As a good friend shared with me, as long as we trust, God will provide and never leave our side.  With this in mind, I know that we all will enjoy the good life that we have worked so hard to achieve.  We will enjoy the fruits of our labor.  We will experience euphoria. When we do experience times where this utopia seems far off, don’t believe that the dream is over.  All of it a part of being human and this moment also has a purpose for our higher good. Allow the lesson to come to light, break down and cry if it is necessary. It is in our vulnerability and brokenness that we can mend and we will be able to shine our lights even brighter.   The here and now is what we have, whatever it brings with it.  Each step when we experience the moments, we prepare ourselves for the next magical adventure for the journey that lies before us. We need to give ourselves the validation and a golden star as we continue on, for as long as we step up to the challenge we are still apart of the fabric of life.  So don’t worry and don’t give up because if you don’t take the chance to live life, the regret in the end may be too difficult to take.

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