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December is the most magical time of the year. This month is your reward for setting out your dreams and following the insights that have guided you further on your journey into bliss. Congratulate yourself on having come so far; the celebration has just begun. This year, you have worked hard to seize the day by visualizing the life you want. You have accepted that love is why we are here. You have gained wisdom through discernment. You have transformed your dreams into reality. You have fearlessly embraced your creative spirit. You have adopted joy as a part of your victory march. You are free, you are supported by friends, you are inspired, and you know what you have to do to serve others well. You have adopted an attitude of gratitude for the love that continues to surround you! Now this month, as you get ready to embrace this fabulous new you, be amazed by a world where the heavens touch the earth, knowing that only the divine could create this kind of masterpiece! In December, get ready, because your something wonderful is about to happen as awe-inspiring magic and miracles unfold right before your eyes. It is time to have faith and believe in possibility once again. So sprinkle a little pixie snow or dust all about you, grab your tiara or crown, and get to the business of making your life happen. You have come so far; now open your eyes and enjoy unwrapping all your gifts that December brings. Experience the magic of life, and bask in the wonder that is to follow! Away you go! ‪#‎themagicalguidetobliss‬

Excerpt from The Magical Guide to Bliss available on

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