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Day 5 of the Artist’s Way!


I had to post these photos from the Nick Sawaya exhibit. It was AMAZING.  It was so incredibly inspirational and was a wonderful start to the day.  Talk about an Artist date on steroids!!! I am pretty sure that you only have to do one a week, but NYC has allowed me to do three in one day. 

I must say that I did do the morning pages today. So I am moving in the right direction.  We went to the Nick Sawaya exhibit of Lego amazingness. Then off to see Matilda on Broadway by Roald Dahl. Then we finished out day by seeing the Broadway hit Motown.  Whew! What a day!

I will start out with the lego exhibit.  Nick Sawaya is a former corporate lawyer whose creativity was frustrated. All his life he would build lego structures until finally he allowed his creativity to burst out of him as he faced his fear and risked for his dreams.  And wow did he dream. The exhibit starts with lego structures of the famous pieces of art, from the Mona Lisa to the David and so many more.  All throughout the exhibit are quotes by Nick, my favorite states that “art is not optional”.  Then as you continue on, you run into my favorite room-all about discovering yourself through breaking out from your obstacles, building your own ladders to catapult yourself in life, and my favorite “the ascension.”  Loved it so much!!!   At the end of the exhibit, he states “it starts with one brick.”  That is it, all your dreams in life begin with the first step.  Each day add one more brick or take another step and away you go.  I could have stopped there but then there was so much more!!!

Mathilda offered a journey through the imagination of a young and so talented little girl.  Motown stirred up the music in my soul as it showed the history behind one man’s discovery of his dream and how he made so many people happy.  Today was all about inspiration to grab on to your dream and see it through, by using your imagination, by reading a lot, by never giving up and starting with one step into the right direction!!!  I am loving this version of the Artist’s Way called Meg’s creative way:)  I am getting charged and that is what I need to go after my own dreams in life, more positive energy and inspiration to do so!  Charge on and cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings! Music, magic, drama, talent, art and atmosphere!  Love this journey and having so much fun! Thank you God!!!

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