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Day 3 & 4 of the Artist’s Way!

Here I am with Prince Topher in Broadway’s Cinderella!

Day 3 & 4:

Writing the morning pages is not as easy as I thought it would be.  I thought that I would just grab my journal, knock the three pages out, and move on with my day.  Well day three I did not write the pages because I got up and without thought moved into my day. I realize that life is busy, but if i want to get something out of all of this I really need to do my best to write every morning.  Magic cannot happen without the preparation. So Day 4, I woke up and wrote away.

As far as the Artist Date is concerned, this whole week has been one artist date after another.  I have traveled to New York City on a second annual trip with my dad and my sisters to see shows on Broadway.  I believe that it is safe to say that NYC is creative art and Broadway is where is all happens.  There is a vibe in the air that is electric in Times Square.  During the day it is somewhat tolerable, at night it is incredibly overwhelming.  It is the quantity of people that will overwhelm you if you let it.  So many different people, from so many different parts of the world.  It is truly incredible!  The lights so bright that it feels like it is day even though it is well into the night.    I think that for the Artist Date you need to go out alone without anyone to join you.  I believe it is to be with yourself.  Not fully sure what that is all about as this is still week one.

So how am I going to do that while on vacation with my family??? I I guess I am going to need to find some way to be alone while surrounded by many.  I guess I am going to have to get creative. Aha, and that is what this is all about.  In NYC for 3 more days and so excited to share this experience with people that I love. Just staying in the moment and grateful for those that I am with, my husband for taking care of our kids and dogs so I could go, and my job for allowing me to take this opportunity. Oh and thankful that my very red eye that I dealt with on Monday has healed quite well so I could come on this trip.  Anyone else on the journey want to share their insights?  I believe in co-creating and would love tips for Artist’s Dates and any insight if you have already gone through the process. Had such a wonderful first day in New York. Journeyed around Manhattan in the Circle Line, passing right by Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty on Independence Day is quite profound.  Loved seeing Cinderella.  Loved waiting to see the actors after watching the Broadway show Cinderella. The show was quite the surprise.  Not so excited initially to see, left feeling happy and joyous. The message was clear, setting out all the values that are important- believe that all things are possible even though they may not seem so, kindness is so important in all that you do, communication is the beginning to a successful journey, and when you love another they will seem even more beautiful. Love meeting the actors, getting their autographs and taking pictures just making memories.  What a great day and night.  Until tomorrow, Happy 4th of July everyone- more creative everyday – I just feel it!

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