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Day 2 of the Artist’s Way!

Creativity. I sit and wait.  And wait still.  It seems that there is a lot preparation before we can dive into the creative part.  I think the beginning of this journey has a lot to do with clearing out the garbage in your soul to finally get to where the good stuff is.  I thought that the last two years of introspection had me clearing out most of “yuck” (for lack of a better word), but Day 1 and Day 2 have proven me wrong.  I went on my first Artist Way date by myself to the Eye Doctor because all this clearing out energy had my vision blurred in the right eye.  Now, while my medical doctor had a very reasonable explanation for the condition, dry eyes, my reasoning becomes very different because I am on a spiritual journey whose first stopping points are for clarifying my vision of my life and myself.  Yeah that sounds about right!  I did do the morning pages today, not immediately when I got up, but I did get them done.  Worked through some of the exercises for recovering my creativity. I am having a lot of fun reading some of the words out loud to have my four year old attempt at a definition of the meaning, now some of those definitions were incredibly creative.  And, some of here answers where right on point.  But as far as labeling myself a creative genius, I will need to stir up a lot of patience.   My daily affirmation becomes one and the same- I announce I am a creative genius in hopes that I will begin to believe. It really does not matter what others think as long as I do and am enjoying myself.  But, I must say that if two days set the tone, the recovery process is tough but one that I welcome.  Here is to unfolding the creative spirit! For we are all creative, aren’t we!!! This photo is me going on a trip, I have my journal in hand and coat to keep me warm.  And, don’t forget the evening gown just in case I get invited to a gala when I get there. I need to come prepared and I suppose that is the whole point of the initial process, getting prepared to discover your amazing!!! So are we ready!

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