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Day 15 & 16 of the Artist Way!

Today was my Artist Date for this week. I actually decided to do it because an appointment of mine was cancelled at the last minute and figured why not!?!.  After inviting my husband and one of my best friends to come with me (BTW you are not supposed to go on an Artist date with others), they were unable to join me so off I went to the movies by myself! I love the movies. To go lose myself to the silver screen is one of my favorite past times.  Yet, it has been a long time since I went to the movies by myself and on a Wednesday afternoon.  I felt silly, overindulgent, irresponsible. All sorts of feelings came up. I felt like I was playing hooky from my life. It did feel good. And, when I sat to watch the movie “The Heat” I laughed so hard I did not care who was with me. I got lost in the film, I embraced the humor and I really enjoyed my Wednesday.  At the end of the movie, I no longer felt guilt just really lucky to be able to do this.  My kids were at camp and taken care of, it was my day off from my job and grateful, and for those two hours I did not have to answer to anyone.  It felt freeing. I loved it. I would definitely take myself on a date to the movies again! I am beginning to like these dates that I previously dreaded.  Then, as if I did not spoil myself enough, went to get a manicure and pedicure before I met with friends for a happy hour.  Great company and great conversation! Once again, very grateful to my husband for taking care of the kids so I could go and not worry about answering to anyone. Just enjoy the present moment and have a good time!  Having done the artist date, tomorrow I will start to complete the takes to recover my sense of identity. I certainly enjoyed who I got to hang out with today!

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