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Day 13 of the Artist’s Way- the Tasks and the Check-In!

I am finding it extremely amazing that I keep meeting people who have left their day job to take the risk to chase after their dream, their passion, or their calling.  In fact, this is happening more and more. Not sure if it is because I am looking for courageous affirmations of those who have risk and succeeded or just because I am paying attention more and more.  Today I met a woman who one day fed up with the corporate world just woke up one morning and called her boss and said she would no longer be coming in.  Wow!  I think that my husband would have a heart attack if I did that. 

Then I thought about it some more and asked myself what is keeping me from doing something incredibly creative in my own life???/ 

This is where the tasks come in.  One of the 10 tasks at the end of the first week chapter asks the student to look at “Imaginary Lives.”  The question as set out states as follows:  If you had five other lives to lead, what would you do in each of them?  With the main point of these lives to have fun in them- more fun than you might be having in this one, I began my list. 

Interestingly enough, the first life I would have is to be an actress on Broadway 🙂  Even last night I had a vivid dream about singing in a musical in front of a lot of people. I was so happy and my voice was simply amazing.  I recall having the script but not having anything clear as to what my role would be.  then I remembered my 6th grade play and was looking for a yellow highlighter to start marking my place and memorizing my lines. I had family around me and was not quite clear whether they supported me or not, but they were there and they were not standing in the way.  It was kind of like they wanted to see what I could do and if I would be successful at it. Like they were waiting to see me do well, so that they could do something in their own life that made them happier.  This is quite profound for me in that perhaps this is what I may be sensing now. 

The next imaginary life would be that of a published author, where the intricacies in my life can play out successfully on the page to share my pain in hopes of sharing my joys as well.  HOPE! That was the feeling that I get. Teaching HOPE and POSSIBILITY! I even recall as a child, I wrote a series of books called Hello Fellow! My sisters make me laugh as we all recall my little stories.  I had it in me then, I certainly have it in me now.

The next imaginary l life would be that of a screenwriter.  Making a fantasy world come true on the big screen. I know that I share this dream with my dad as he has always loved the movies. I even took a screenwriters course last year in hopes of opening this door to my life.

The next imaginary life is that of a fashion designer. I always loved barbies as a child. I used to make there worlds for them. Built furniture out of shoeboxes, and covered them with wrapping paper. Then I would cut up fabric from sheets and things to make dresses for the dolls. I even learned how to sew and got pretty creative. As a child and a teenager, I loved to sketch dresses that I would or could wear for the  big dances. I even brought a design to our seamstress who made a dress or two for me.  I always loved fashion and certain time periods spoke to me. Funny that a colleague would comment that he would love to see me in 50s style garb in that that is one of my favorite times and styles.  Fun fun fun!  I still have a lot of my sketches from way back then!

The last imaginary life that I would have is that of a priestess. Someone who could captivate an audience with a beautiful spiritual message of beauty and love.  This role feels as if I have played it before in previous lives. Someone who opens up others to look at he beauty within themselves and moves into their greatest potential in life.  Motivational speaker or great communicator. This would fit the bill as well. 

And after this exercise, the next task has you look at what kind of negative blurts come up for you as you list all the fun and amazing things you could do. . . then you must change your negative blurt into something positive and affirming!

Like for instance, how ridiculous,  a singer me? People train all their lives and they still cannot make a living doing that. Take my magic wand and . . . Of course I can sing, I did it when I was a child, I do have a good voice, I love music and the joy it gives me and I will never know my potential until I try.

As the author, what is the critics tell me I am a fraud, not good enough, never should have tried- just terrible writer. . I take my magic wand and realize that the challenges and things that I have overcome in my life can lead to amazing gifts to others going through the same challenges! I can always improve and I know that God will send me talented people to help me as I would help others! I am gifted and I know I can and must take the chance as I have been trained to do this and all the possibilities are there!

And on and on, something negative comes up, and I look at the fear and say go away – this is my life and I must live it with no regrets. Get knocked down and get right back up again! That is the way we must live our lives to the fullest and best potential we will ever see!

So as I have finished the first week again of the chapter, rediscovering a sense of safety, the Check-In is how I can see how I am doing.

I did most days of the morning pages. I did my artist date- this week a little simple than last- I went to a yoga class and experienced all the push back in my life as I asked my body to stretch out of the norm and when I felt the emotion come over me, allowed myself to sit in child pose just giving in to what was going on.  A lot of negative self talk that would evolve into a lot of compassion as I felt the weight of the world drop from my shoulders. 

Perhaps that is what it is all about, letting the weight of the world go, it is not mine anyway. Dropping the roles I have taken on off my shoulders to start doing what my creative self is begging for me to do. 

It was a good week! And I know that since I did the first week two times in a row, I will certainly benefit even more so from the safe place that I am carving out for myself. As everything happens for a reason, I need to take more time to carve out that safe room to watch myself grow.  Looking forward to what the next week has to offer! And if it gets tough just fall to the ground in child’s pose and just let it go and surrender to the process!

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