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Creative surrender- kriya!

Creative Surrender

“The creative process is a process of surrender, not control.” – Julia Cameron

Let’s get creative today! Who knew it could be as simple as letting go of the notion that we are in control of the outcome.  Yes, we are in control of our decisions that we make in life, but once made and released into the universe, our choices takes on a life of their own.  We have no way of knowing how a decision to be loving to another today can impact the trajectory of that person’s life.  We can never know how our choice of looking for the good in the world and acting from that place can directly impact people across the globe.  We have no way of knowing whether setting out the intention to be a channel of peace today can change the course of someone’s future.  This is the great unknown; this is also what makes life worth living.  So ask yourself how to do want to live your life?  Do you want live so focused on how others see you or do you want to be free to express yourself in a way that is aligned with your soul with no concern for how you are perceived by the external world? 

Once we relinquish our need to control life, we can also release fear and our own expectation of what should happen in our lives or how we are perceived by others.  Because once we decide and make the choice to stand in the beauty of our creative self, we begin to feel what is important.  We begin to relinquish the need to control and start to relish the freedom that comes from creative surrender.  If we do step into our creative journey feeling good about who we are and knowing our beauty within, then whatever comes from our process will be magical.  In developing our creative muscle, we are given lots of material on a daily basis to work with.  We are given many opportunities to get into the creative side of our brain and let the process begin. We are given many chances to value ourselves on this journey and as long as we continue to risk putting ourselves out there, we can continue to evolve and bring the blessings of our own special talents to be shared by the world.  Whatever you seek in life, you will find.  I find that when I seek to open myself up to the creative process in life, I will become more and more playful and enjoy the present moment so much more.  When I radiate these feelings of pure joy, the creative process continues to evolve effortlessly because what I uncover is already mine.  And, when I am able to share with others the fruits of my creativity, the joy and happiness that I have been looking for finds me. It is as simple as that- so let’s get creative and begin to surrender to your own special creative process so that we can all benefit from the magnificence and joy that you will discover.  We are all ready to share your gifts!

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