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Congress-Honor the tradition of a strong, proud and united America!

Ok-Day 3 of the shutdown and to an outsider, it does not look like Congress is moving towards any resolution. I have read a lot of posts stating negative comments about the Federal Govt. that include federal employees in the mix. All federal employees who have been furloughed are powerless over the lack of leadership that is going on in Washington right now. The only forum is to clearly and articulately set out our disapproval. I am not saying I speak for all of us, but I can speak for myself. As one of our very esteemed Judges with the Immigration Court states, we are public servants. And as a lawyer, I have chosen to work for the federal government for the INS/DHS for the past 15 years. I work with exceptional and hard working people at various pay scales. These people are clerks, interpreters, Judges, attorneys, managers, interns, diverse as the country and extremely caring and intelligent people. I can say that federal employees have to deal with a lot of craziness that comes down to the field from both sides of the political fence especially with immigration.

That being said, I know a lot of us depend on our salaries to support our families, some more than others and this furlough will have real effects in addition to the ones from sequestration, the economy and the state of affairs. Federal employees should not be dealt with in a piecemeal fashion. This discussion should be an opportunity for good governance, not an aberration of what our forefathers established. There should be compromise but not at the 11th hour when the damage is done. Being on furlough is like waiting for a hurricane to hit, except in this case it is a man made disaster in the making and I have much more pride in the United States government than what I am seeing at this time. While I admire people of all ethnic and cultural backgrounds, as an Italian American I was raised to be proud of this country for all the freedom that it stands for. We are better than this and Congress can do better than this!

So I am using this forum in protest of what is going on in Washington, while it may not affect you now, no one knows what the future may hold. If we can prevent negative effects, why wouldn’t we? I think that the only place where any positive impact can happen is in the court of public opinion. One where Oprah could preside and try to make sense out of all of this! Obamacare is a law that already passed and now is in effect. Enough, pass the budget- it is your job Congress! Let’s move forward already!

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