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Come with me and fly, won’t you?

“Come with me And you’ll be In a world of Pure imagination Take a look And you’ll see Into your imagination. . .”

From Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

The world we all live in is filled with pure imagination. Grab a book, listen to a song, watch a sunrise. All of it will take our minds on flights of fancy if we let it.  Or, just sit in stillness and imagine.  Taking these moments in time is the important work of our lives. To sit in a safe place where we allow the hand of God, higher power, or profound energy to touch our lives and inspire.  This is the incredible magic that awaits us all.  Just allow whatever it is that comes through us to attach to a page, to a canvas, to a screen. What is born of our minds, becomes a masterpiece of fantasy when we open our eyes. Take some time each day and try not to be distracted by the resistance that the world feeds us willingly. I have never understood the concept that anyone becomes more powerful when they use fear and negativity to control others. I have always “imagined” this world to be a place where dreamers can channel from the depths of their soul , artists can engage us with colors, writers can inspire us to travel to places we have never been, and innovators dare to grab onto illusion to create a new and amazing reality.  So hold my hand and come with me today, won’t you? And perhaps through our own imagination, we can transform ourselves in a beautiful butterfly and take flight seeing this world in a new way- the world is begging for us to!


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