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Color your world magnificent!

“When you walk up to opportunities door, don’t knock it. . Kick that b#$@%h in, smile and introduce yourself.”

Dwayne Johnson

Don’t wait for opportunity to knock, go out and make your own opportunities.  If you sit and wait for “it”all to come to you, then you may have wasted valuable hours that could have been spent in pure delight focusing on divinely inspired action.  Be the designer of your own life.  Take that canvas and paintbrush and splatter it with anything that you can imagine. Color it with magnificent purple to awaken insight.  Color it with robust red to enliven the passion in your soul.  Color it with peaceful blue, to calm your spirit.  Doesn’t matter which colors you choose as long as you choose.  Life is happening all around you people. Go for it! Get outside and connect with nature, discover new adventures, take your everyday routine and throw in the element of surprise.  As Einstein stated, “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.”  So start to think differently if you want to see change happen- little by little. One day at a time, go out and challenge yourself to see the world a little differently and with adventurous eyes. Grab onto your confidence and decide what your reality will be.  Wake up and state with authority, here I Am world and I am ready for whatever you are going to throw my way! Or don’t wait, kick that door down and put your arms out and get ready to receive all the abundance that is meant for you! Now- that will be an introduction to your day.  Have fun-joy to you all – happy travels!  Remember something wonderful is always about to happen, don’t sit on the couch waiting for it- go!

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