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Chase your dreams with new eyes and an open mind!

“Chase your dreams until you catch them…and then dream, catch, and dream again! ” ― Dee Marie, Sons of Avalon: Merlin’s Prophecy Today’s thought of the day is inspired by two little boys, one whose every day is a new dream awakened,  Chase and one who will catch many dreams in his life because he knows that all is possible through faith filled eyes, Jann.  With this magical quote, I am reminded of children at play, seeing life as they will through new eyes and an open mind.  Following their bliss by living life in all of its simplicity.  Not really understanding what is going on around them, however, knowing that there is a mystical and magical realization that all is well in their world.  While they may be facing hardships, they will never know because their loving parents will go out of their way to protect them from the fear that they may face.  While they may be facing new experiences, they will never know the uncertain outcomes because their parents will paint a picture of love and joy for their imagination to take hold of and run with.  While they live life through the eyes of a child, they will never know real pain because they are loved unconditionally and cared for in every way possible.  And in essence, they are allowed to journey through their young life with no judgments attached and no habits to get past because they are both new and believe that the world is a wonderful place.  They acknowledge their dreams as a reality and will chase them over and over again, knowing that they will succeed in catching them which only fuels and empowers them to continue in this way.  When I think of life like this, through new eyes and an open mind, I am grateful for the reminder that children give us to be fanciful and to take what unfolds around us in stride  It is a knowing that all is good and wonderful that allows us to see and embrace life awake and in a conscious state. It is a knowing that everything is unfolding as it should that allows us to dream while awake and stand in amazement as the wonder unfolds.  It is a knowing that as long as we have faith and connect with others from a place of love, we will cherish the experience of living each day experiencing the magic and miracles that are there! So perhaps my prayers for each of us today is that we take the example of Chase and Jann and remain a child at heart- looking at others in the same light and chase our dreams knowing that we will catch them and then dream again! And, of course, it is through the eyes of the innocent that we as adults can learn the most precious lessons of all, to remember to laugh and even giggle and enjoy the ride! Please keep Jann, Chase and all the little children in your prayers so that they are safe and we can be constantly reminded to chase the magic of our dreams so that we will catch it and pass it on! In tremendous gratitude for my children for this life lesson each and every day- Michael and Ava Simone.

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