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Chapter 3-Recovering your sense of Power! Week 4 of the Artist Way!

Now they are talking! This is more like it- I have read all about safety, sense of identity and now POWER. Or Empowerment!!!  Or put in another way becoming intentional.  This is more like it!  This chapter talks about anger, synchronicity, shame, dealing with criticism and detective work to get to the root as to where that powerful person is hiding.  After reading this chapter, I began to realize that this anger and shame are strong feelings that really can catapult us into the new life that we are carving out for ourselves if we let it.  When we offer our intentions and prayers to the universe, we really do need to start paying attention to the answers that we receive so that we can act upon them.  And what comes to my attention over and over is ask, believe, receive! Very simple anecdote to living life as we choose to make it.  Funny I got really excited about being reminded once again about this info then have not found the time to sit down to be intentional. What did come to mind is that I am comfortable right now making short term goals, nothing huge or earth shattering. Just little goals that see doable to me so that I can work up to the ones that seem a bit out there right now.  I am going to get there, wherever there is. I just know it. I just have to start habitually building the faith and therein lies the incredible power that is within all of us. The power to create, the power to believe, the power to be, the power and you fill in the blank.  I am going to love this week (even though I did not do the morning pages today because too much was going on). I am intending to love this week and all the magic and miracles it will bring me. All the beautiful things God will place in my path I have already visualized and received, I just get to open the gift wrapped goodies now-That will happen each day I open my eyes to see the light of promise in tomorrow. So exciting and so amazing all at the same time. Chapter 3 is already empowering me to go within and when it feels yucky get the heck out of my way!

With power on the mind, I was even inspired to go dance tonight in a Zumba class- the word is infectious and I felt strong!!


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