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Changed for Good!

Changed for good!

“Who can say if I’ve been Changed for the better?I do believe I have been Changed for the better(Glinda): And because I knew you… (Elphaba): Because I knew you… (Both): Because I knew you… I have been changed for good…” Lyrics of For Good from the Broadway musical Wicked

I often reflect on the various connections with people that I make throughout my life.  I sit and remember the past times spent with good friends who I have not seen in a long time and smile to myself as I relive the laughter and the tears that we have shared.  I think about the brief encounters that I experience as I go about my day.  The quick wave I receive from a car passing by, the smile that brightens my day as I hurriedly travel to my next destination,  or the kindness of random strangers who I witness assisting a fellow traveler get from one side of the road to the other.  I cherish the individuals who I interact with on a daily basis at work, at play or during other special events throughout my days.  There are people who may know me well, people who I have just met, or people who pass through and share a moment in time.  And, with all of these different acts taking place on the stage that is my life, each of these actors, both in minor or major roles,  have impacted me by the role that they play at any given time.  It is amazing how connected we all are, whether we know it or not! And,  keeping this in mind, I become very aware of my own personal responsibility in this world.  I become very cognizant of how my behavior can affect, whether directly or indirectly, the lives of others.  I wonder how will I go about my days?  And my answer comes to me as I witness the simple beauty of a passing butterfly- I must do my best to add beauty to this world and give love.  I have been blessed with a memory bank filled with moments of joy gifted to me by others.  It is only when I consciously pay these gifts forward that the wonderful and loving energy can continue to grow.   Guided by principles of love and gratitude, I may not ever know how my life will impact another, but it is probable that if I do my best to do good then as I connect with others for a moment, a season or a lifetime, whatever love I have expressed will somehow be passed on.  Even if we never see  the impact that we have had, we will have changed for the better because of this service.  And, in the long run, the gift of your presence to the life of another will leave a greater legacy that could impact the world.  Even if the moments present with those who we love are only a moment in time, as Dr. Seuss wisely said, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”  Because it happened, because we shared something beautiful, because I knew you, I have been changed for the better.  Hopefully, we keep this in mind and move forward in life impacting the lives of others for the good! And with an attitude of gratitude, hold that powerful feeling of love in your heart and allow it to energize you as you continue on this journey through the rest of your days! And we are changed for good! Amen and Alleluia.

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