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Changed for good.

You must be the change you wish to see in the world.

~Mahatma Ghandi, Indian leader and peace activist

Today, reflect on the various connections you have made thus far. Sit and remember past times spent with good friends, and relive the laughter and the tears you shared. Think about the brief encounters that you have experienced as well. Remember the quick wave you received from a car passing by, the smile that brightened your day as you quickly traveled to your next destination, or the kindness of random strangers whom you witnessed assisting a fellow traveler. Cherish the individuals you’ve interacted with on a daily basis at work, at play, or during other special events. With all of these different acts taking place on the stage that is your life, each actor, both lead and supporting, has affected you by the role he or she played at any given time. Begin to realize, as you reflect, how amazingly connected you are. Keep this in mind, and become aware of your personal responsibility on the bigger stage of life. Become cognizant of how your behavior affects, whether directly or indirectly, the lives of others. You have been blessed with a memory bank filled with moments of joy gifted to you by others. Pay these gifts forward, and the wonderful, loving energy will continue to expand and grow. Guided by principles of love and gratitude, your life will affect another to an extent you may never know. When you connect with others for a moment, a season, or a lifetime, the love you have expressed will be passed on, changing the world for good!

Magical Key to Bliss: Allow love to energize you as you touch the lives of many!

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