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Build your own world through the messages in your dreams.

Your dreams are the gateway to your soul.

~Veronica Hay, American inspirational writer and author of In a Dream You Can Do Anything

Dreaming is a time when your subconscious takes over. While you dream, you can live in a world of your own making. If you want to give yourself the incredible gift of peaceful rest, protect what you feed your mind during the five minutes right before you go to sleep at night. Turn off the television, do your best not to create a hostile environment, protect your sleeping quarters from anxiety or worry, and provide a safe haven so that your mind can experience moments of pure Zen. You do not need to review or discuss the bad things that have happened right before your head hits the pillow. Opt for a gratitude review of the wonder that took place, and prepare your mind to experience a peaceful seven-to eight-hour rest. This time is too important for you to disregard. You need to wind down and give your subconscious the fuel it needs to build your world first in your imagination and then as your reality. Try it tonight; you have everything to gain and nothing to lose. Whatever efforts you make to wake up renewed will help unfold your greatest life experiences! With arms outstretched, get ready to experience a dream state that will connect you to your soul.

Magical Key to Bliss: Prepare to rest well tonight!


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