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Build a bridge towards trust rather than a wall of isolation!

Build a bridge towards trust rather than a wall of isolation!

“If your guard is up, let it down. If you’ve constructed a defensive wall to protect yourself and keep all the bad guys out, don’t forget who that wall also prevents from getting in – the good guys.”

 Brendon Burchard

Author and Marketing Expert

Instead of building a wall to protect your heart and soul, start building a bridge that will take you towards love and trust.  If you have suffered a great loss, been hurt, or have felt incredible disappointment in your life, your gut reaction may be to contract and protect yourself from further vulnerability.  However, we are not meant to be in this world alone. The only thing that this contracted state accomplishes is a false sense of security and leftover isolation.   We are only asked to be true to our authentic selves and honor whatever lessons we are meant to learn that come up along the way.  While there may have been circumstances in your life that have left you raw and wounded, true healing comes when we reach out and embrace the support that surrounds us and recognize that there are times when we are strong and there are times when we are not so strong.  Building a wall around your life, just keeps you stagnant and stuck in a place where it becomes more and more difficult to move forward.  By looking to protect yourself, you only succeed in isolating yourself from the love  that is yours to claim, from the joy that awaits you and from the freedom to release the unnecessary suffering that holds you back.   Ever heard the quote from Winston Churchill, “when you are going through hell keep going”  – he doesn’t say stop and build a house there surrounded by four sturdy walls.  Keep moving forward out of the tunnel, let down your guard and look to the good that awaits you.   When you start letting go of the wall of isolation, start to share with others your experience, and start to be open to forgiveness and trust again, the darkness will fade to light and the “good guys” will embrace you with love and come to assist you as long as you are open to it.  You will then start to feel the freedom of movement again where you are no longer enclosed by a self-imposed structure.  Imagine, the choice either way is yours to make. Even if we are hurt again, by letting your guard down to really experience love, the healing comes even faster!

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