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Boldness be my friend!

“Boldness be my friend.”

William Shakespeare

Boldness is magical.  Boldness is adventurous. Boldness will set you free. If you make boldness your friend, you will begin to imitate that fearless and daring spirit that encourages you to stop talking about doing the things that call to you and just do it. Begin today, begin now.  Don’t wait for permission to go after your dreams. Make a plan, set a strategy, embrace your vision and move into it.  Things that are created by your very powerful mind need to be set into motion to become a reality.  Don’t let the beauty of your dreams fade away. Do not let the fear of failure stop you. Do dare to be brave. Do dare to be confident. Make boldness your friend, it is your time to act.  If your intentions are good and pure, then the outcome will bring you closer to your own personal genius.  With boldness, whatever you do will guide you through life with great purpose while serving the greater good. Take a deep breath or whatever you need to free yourself from insecurity and stand out prominently. No longer stuck in indecision due to insecurity.  No longer permitting obstacles to stop you in your tracks.  With an audacious air, you will allow your genius to take flight. It takes guts to be bold and rest assured when you embrace the magic inside of you, you will know that you have what it takes!  Watch out world, here you come!

Magical Key to Bliss: Gather all the courage you can muster and do the thing that calls to you!

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