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Believe in magic and you will get your fairy tale ending!

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” Albert Einstein

The magic and mystery of this universe lies in all of our imaginations. The world of pretend and make believe opens all of our minds to the mystical realm.  As children, we readily accept the stories that take us on flights of fancy or introduce us to something beyond the realm of what we can only experience through our five senses. As children are more in tune with their sixth sense, they are able to teach us to take the energy that is available to rejuvenate each day by using our imaginations, by reading and believing in fairy tales.  As the author Christopher Moore has said, “Children see magic because they look for it.” Perhaps we all need to be reminded to look for the magic and there is not better way than the world of fantasy.  As adults, children can be our greatest guides on the path to reawakening and rediscovering consciousness, we just have to get past our egos, empty ourselves for the wisdom as it comes, and because it helps, read our children fairy tales over and over again.   Not only will it benefit your child’s intelligence quotient (I.Q.), but will assist with both of your emotional quotient (E.Q.).  i cannot think of anything better for this world than all its inhabitants having the magical experience of living life connected to its mystery beyond the veil, taking in all the signs, symbols and synchronicities as they are received.  Teachers come in all shapes and sizes. Remember that.  With all of this in mind, today as you go about your day, remember to play and listen to our littlest and most wise teachers. Perhaps when you do, you will be able to experience the world all over again through new eyes of a child as you make believe and go on the adventure of the fairy princesses, frog queens and magical unicorns.  It sounds like so must fun.  And if you surrender and enjoy your own life as if it were the fairy tale you always dreamed of, you will start to experience daily your happy ending over and over again!  Believe in the magic of life!

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