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Because you don’t have to go this life alone!

“I wrote your name in my heart, and forever it will stay.”  Rumi

Look around. Take it all in. Instead of feeling separate from your surroundings, feel connected. The trees that provide a canopy of shade for you. The sun that provides nourishment with its light for you.   The breeze that offers a simple caress fro you. The water that hydrates you inside and out.  Nature that invites you to the dance each day.  Then there are the people who cross your path daily.  Seemingly strangers at first, walls broken down with a smile.  Beautiful energy shared by virtue of kind and gentle words.  A nod of acknowledgement that you are seen. An embrace that offers support when you need it most.  Names written on your heart, that will forever stay no matter how near or how far.  With this, dance, dream and simply rejoice in the magnificence that you get the opportunity to experience. Hold out your hands and in gratitude, grab onto whatever positive guide comes along today. For your courage to move forward is rewarded. Imprinting on your soul the understanding that you don’t have to go this life alone.  That understanding offers you the strength to reach out your hand to grab onto another and transform into a “michelangelian” masterpiece. An amazing creation for all to see!


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