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Be true to yourself!

Be True to Yourself!

“When we are true to ourselves, each of us becomes a light for another to follow.” Nina Wise  Imagine if everyone was true to their calling in life.  Imagine if everyone followed the path that gave them the most joy.  Imagine if everyone took the time out of the “business” of life to do an internal  life check as to what was their calling and what gave them the most joy.  What I can picture now is the great transformation that would descend on this world.  People who would know and understand what happiness truly is.  People who are blessed with the ability to use the gifts and talents that they have been given in service to others.  People who would be able to connect from a profound place sharing through giving and receiving all that is divinely inspired.  Then, what I witness would be a lot of bright and shiny people walking around with big smiles on their faces.  Perhaps even dancing to the beat of their heart, singing praise for the music in their soul, and laughing as they welcome the magic and miracles to come into their lives.  Taking even the bad situations only to find the good that is to come from the lesson.  Taking the good situations and feeling gratitude for the beauty that they have the grace to experience. I know that when one person’s light is ignited then the sparks of others who have the good fortune to see this will follow.  Take the time to get to know who you really are and be true to that understanding and a brighter world filled with love will soon be all of our realities. You would be the lighted candle used to light all the other candles that would eventually light the entire room!  And all this brightness because you decided to be true to yourself! Thank you!

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