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Be true to yourself

“When we are true to ourselves, each of us becomes a light for another to follow.” Nina Wise

Imagine if everyone was true to their calling.  Imagine if everyone followed the path that provided the most joy.  Imagine if everyone took the time out of the “busyness” of life to check in to what is their calling and what gives them the most joy.  Get ready to witness a great transformation that would descend on this world.  People would start to understand what true happiness is.  People would start to connect from a profound place of sharing that which is divinely inspired. People would feel the freedom from fear as they choose their own truth to serve using their gifts and talents. There would be a lot of bright and shiny people walking around with big smiles on their faces.  Their truth will set them free as they allow magic and miracles into their lives. When one person is true to the light in their soul and shines brightly, they can light the way for those who are lucky to be close enough to follow. Your light will travel from one candle to another until eventually the entire world will shine just because you decided to be true to yourself!

Magical Key to Bliss: Light up the world with your smile that comes from knowing your truth!

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