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Be the change- value and support the teachers that are dedicated to educating our future leaders!

Today I was honored with the opportunity to speak in front of 75 teachers for their Teacher Appreciation cocktail party. First of all, what a great idea these school leaders had to take the time out and give thanks and gratitude for the work that these teachers do on a daily basis educating our children. I spoke on the 5 steps to realizing your dreams-1) asking-setting out the dream 2) doing- believing and acting on your intentions 3) accepting-receiving the opportunities given to you and inspiring others to do the same 4) spiritual fulfilling – celebrating how far you move your dreams forward and gratitude for the journey and 5)blessing- this is where you take all that has been given to you and with those talents serve others and give love! My hope is that i was able to serve with love today and in a small way inspire others to do the same.  Teacher Appreciation Day is a wonderful idea, but it is just the start. Our teachers need to be valued and supported for the important work that they do, educating the future leaders of our  world, inspiring the dreams that will be the crux of dynamic innovation that can save us all, and getting up each day using the resources that they have to give the kids the tools that foster self esteem and a bright path ahead!  Teachers need to be appreciated and recognized in kind, not judged and constantly blamed for the ills of society. We all have had a teacher who has inspired us and play a vital part in our journey.  Start a revolution where the teachers are bolstered by legislation rather than tie their hands.  Without a good teacher, there is no telling where we would all be!

As many of you know, this week marks the 2nd anniversary of my Mom’s passing- I felt her there with me but still had the strong need to tell her all about it so she would be proud of me! Funny I still feel like a little girl needing my parent’s approval even at 43 years old- some things will never change! As my friend Teda said, just surrender to it all and let go. So Just for today I am going to parent myself and be proud of me for her- I faced my own fears with courage and confidence as I said YES to the call on my own hero’s journey as I move forward in my life! Thank you to all the teachers of Key Biscayne. They say when you want to master something in life, teach. You all do this do well! Remember how do you want to leave your legacy here- life’s purpose is not to arrive at the end in a well preserved body but where you slide in worn out screaming joyfully wow what a ride! Give love my friends, it makes the experience that much sweeter. Attitude of gratitude, thank you mom for helping me embrace my own dreams to go for it!

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