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Be open to wisdom from the most unlikeliest places!

Be open to wisdom from the unlikeliest places!

What an amazing statement of resolution.  Each statement is a positive affirmation towards the goal of living an exceptional life.  If I were to ask myself what is it all about, what is my purpose, and what kinds of choices I am looking to make for my best life, I could reference the above and rest assured that every aspect is covered.  The other thing that comes to mind is that wisdom can come to us all from the most unlikeliest places. When we make judgments of others because of own perceived limitations, we may be cutting off some very vital and life changing advice that could in fact benefit us greatly.  In her words, Joan Jett, a very talented musician and singer, puts together the essence of what we all hope to experience here in Earth.  But, perhaps you may not even be willing to hear this because you not like her kind of music and make assumptions over her lifestyle that would cause you to critique who she is and what she is about without even knowing her.   While she is a rock star and we as a society judge those that have placed themselves in the public domain, ask yourself how many times you pre-judge before you know your neighbor, an acquaintance or even a stranger.  Imagine if you let go of the insecurities of your heart and surrendered to the possibility that each person who comes into your life is there for a reason. Imagine the blessing you may receive if you set aside your biases and let that relationship blossom to the point where your life will never be the same.  I never understood the concept of form over substance. I always bought into the adage setting forth “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  We all benefit by going past the external and looking towards the inside of each one of us. That is where you will ultimately find the beauty that awaits each of us, by looking for the beauty within.  So today, I will take my advice from a fairly unconventional source and follow what Ms. Jett has to say- I am sure I can’t go wrong by concentrating on staying healthy, having peace, being happy, remembering what’s important, taking in nature and animals, spending time reading, and trying to understand the universe both from a scientific as well as a spiritual context.  This is a worthwhile guide to moving forward in life.  And, in the end, when seeking a bit of inspiration and not cutting off the message because of the messenger, I get to hear exactly what I needed to hear today. Maybe when we go out into the world we will keep this in mind and then again there can be a shift for each one of us touched by this changed approach.  By the way,  I find that music can be one of the best sources of spiritual guidance, even rock n’ roll! So, with her advice, follow your bliss and rock on while welcoming in what you need to hear blessed from all sources!

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