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Be a person with a vision and manifest!


Intention (Photo credit: turahbird)

“You, a person with a vision, are like a pebble in a stream, moving ever outward to infinity, impacting on all who come into contact with the ripple.”

Live your life with intention.  Set out to face the world with a clear vision.  Take the time to set out your heart’s greatest desires and step into your life with a knowing that your purpose is aligned with your soul.  Be intentional as to what you allow into your consciousness.  If it is success you seek, then start believing that you already are a success.  If it is love you seek, then start knowing that you are the embodiment of all that is loving.  If it is freedom you seek, then release your spirit from fear and doubt to allow this truth to be realized and fly.  By holding strong to your beautiful vision of your life, pay attention to all that manifests around you as a direct or indirect result of your perseverance.  You may think you are but a drop in the ocean of life, however, the reality of how that drop impact the rest of that vast body of water is undeniable.  You are important, your vision is important, and your life is important.  As my beautiful friend Nina so eloquently stated, “How funny the impact we can have on one another.  All life is in the meeting.”  We are all a part of the beautiful connections we find on a daily basis.  Make no mistake about it, by you holding steadfast to your dreams and vision, others will benefit greatly.  Make no mistake about it, by complimenting or praising another, you have benefited many people who you will never meet. Make no mistake about it, by bringing your own special brand of compassion to this world, you have made a difference that could reach around the globe and beyond.  Know this and live this!  Every day holds new magic to manifest amazing! Be a person with a vision, close your eyes and truly see what your life can truly be and then surrender to a knowing that you are free to create in union with your divinity!

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