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Be a noble soul!

Be noble!

 “Gratitude is the sign of noble souls.” 


Embrace your noble soul and just for today start to make sure you are conscience about saying thank you to those you love. Make sure your soul acknowledges and gives recognition to those who bring beauty to your life. Make sure your soul acknowledges and recognizes those who make a difference in your life, be it big or small. And if you like, make sure your soul acknowledges or give recognition to God or your higher power for giving us another day of life. Giving  appreciation or validation to show another person how important they are to is one of the greatest gifts you can give.  To look into another person eyes and say I love you;  to connect with another person on a spiritual plane; to acknowledge that you actually see another person and validate their existence here- this is why you are here. Even if those around you are entrenched in their own personal dramas and are not able to be noble at this time, you be the one to set the example. Offer your love, offer your joy and offer your gratitude as the medicine the world needs to heal.  With this, you shall heal yourself and live the life you are meant to live!

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