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Away we go!

“Start by doing what’s necessary; then do what’s possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”

-Saint Francis of Assisi

And away we go, spreading magical pixie dust all about me with the knowing that as long as I move forward my dreams shall come true! I will start by doing what is necessary for my soul to thrive on a daily basis. For the payoff is great as I move away from the pain of withering away that is too much to bear.  I will start by learning on a daily basis based upon the lessons life presents to me.  For when I do, I will gather the tools necessary to clarify my intentions and align with the process to see my dreams through.  I will start by looking to the field of potentiality and expecting what I already know to be true in my heart. For I am a part of the divine and I am extraordinary as are we all.  I will start by doing what is possible for me and by embracing the joy of each moment. For when I do, I will start to enjoy who I am and my purpose convinced that I have already succeeded disregarding any fear of failure.  When I step into my path as a confidence spirit, I know that my life will start to flow effortlessly.  For with this attitude, the path that once looked challenging has changed.  For as I start to dance with confidence,  this movement has happily taken me across any mountain before me. And the acceptance of my journey has transformed my life’s perspective to appreciate any opportunity to see the glorious sunrise alighting the world on the other side.  Stepping into my bliss on a brand new day believing in the possibility of all things good.


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