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Attitude of Gratitude – Day 24!

Day 24: Attitude of gratitude-What am I grateful for? Life’s little wonderful surprises! One more week until my birthday! Almost another year gone by. . . as I was looking for some inspiration this morning, got an early gift-I found this note from my mom that she wrote me in 2006 in my Seven Spiritual Laws of Success book. It says: “Dearest Meg, Just wanted to let you know how proud I am of your new attitude on life. It is not only wonderful for you and your family but it will lift the rest of us up when we are down. Just remember this new attitude is a “gift from God” and so continue to stay close to the Lord to sustain yourself when the going gets tough. Jesus will give you the grace you need. Have a Blessed Thanksgiving with all the family- See you in December at Disney for your Birthday. Much love, Mom.”Wow- messages sent from above when I most needed to hear it and talk about timing!! Even seeing her handwriting brings it all back – through the tears of life, I remain grateful for the blessings!

Have a wonderful day everyone.

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