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Artist Way – Chapter 7, Recovering a sense of connection!

The week of recovering connection is coming to a close tomorrow and I must say that this week has been one of the most profound. I think that for awhile I have been very disconnected from what is most essential to me.  I have let things that are not so important take precedence over those things and people who are. The goal of the week is to connect once again with your receptive skills, your intuition, so that you can connect and align with your personal angels.  Whenever anything talks about angels, I smile because I am, reminded about my mother and how much I miss her. At the same time, I am reminded that she is always with me right by my side!  Through the morning pages I have reconnected to a sense of purpose. I am reconnecting in a guilt free way to my desires.  And as the first task has you repeating ” TREATING MYSELF LIKE A PRECIOUS OBJECT WILL MAKE ME STRONG!”  With a focus on cherishing myself and the strength that comes from that!

At the same time, I have been reading the book called “The Magic of Believing” by Claude M. Bristol. It is a short book that has you really looking at the power of the mind and the power of suggestion through reinforcing the concept of believing in your potential. This to me falls into line with the whole concept of reconnecting to who you are.  It really is about knowing yourself and the conscious state of believing what you know to be true.  I also watched a fascinating documentary called “Quantum Communication” directed by David Sereda. Another fascinating look at the power of consciousness and our beliefs. 

I guess the theme does permeate through our lives when we surrender and pay attention.  The notion of sabotage has come up for me during this week and how I am getting in the way of my own personal success. Getting out of my own way seems to be the cure to this. I have been working on my memoir now for quite some time and I have stalled.  It seems my fear of failure or perhaps I am making this too much about validation or worthiness. This chapter has me looking at being a channel for the gifts that come through me not by me. This is an amazing way of looking at this adventure. If I let go and stop judging what I do before I do, open my mind and allow, then the flow begins and I just am in a space of receiving. Can’t say that I have actually done this, but the enlightenment is a good start.  That and the expectation that the universe will support my dream.

This week has been pretty tense in the news. While I do my best to avoid the news, the world events have gotten my attention. I have felt helpless as to my impact on what the world has in store. Then I was thinking that if I apply all that I am learning and connect then perhaps my intentions can also be felt in the energetic force of the universe. I am believer that actions in response to war like behavior will just create more war like behavior. It is no coincidence that this week is the anniversary of  Martin Luther King’s I Have a Dream speech. He made such tremendous changes in this world with non violence. I believe the same can stand true for the Middle East or anywhere in this world for that matter. My prayer then is a simple one, that we all reconnect to the peaceful process to a resolution of conflict – that power of peace and love will reign supreme and cooler heads will prevail. I am one of those people who feels the shift that is taking place in this world and know that the age of true enlightenment is under way where those who believe in a world based upon strong and beautiful virtues will overtake those who believe in greed and domination.  I am one person, I know- but as I reconnect my positive and loving energy can be a force of good as far away as the other side of the globe.

So with that in mind- my artist date will be to sit in prayer dedicated to the idea of peace and balance in this world- where love will rule the day rather than violence or greed. I can be the change I want to see in this world- Ghandi, MLK, Mother Theresa, a vast majority of saints- they all were just one person who had a great impact on the many. So are we all!

So as this week comes to an end, I once again take a gentle and kind approach to my creative recovery and accept progress rather than perfection. I will gladly continue to receive all the enlightenment that I can gather along the way and open my heart, my mind, and my arms to receiving as a channel of peace perhaps. There is a reason I love St. Francis of Assisi so much! So I will end this week with Prayer of St. Francis for all of us to think about- And as I move forward, may I learn to risk a lot more, because playing it safe with concepts that will make me a better person has no place in my universe!

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