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Are you ready for a joyous adventure?

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” 

Teddy Roosevelt

What if the first thing that we thought of when we woke up is “Can’t wait to enjoy the ride today?”  Just feel the spirit behind that sentiment. As if each and everyday is a celebration of our lives.  As if each and every day is an opportunity to be grateful for being born. As if each and everyday is a gift waiting to be opened. Imagine if we lived each and everyday as if it were our big, beautiful birthdays! We would have a smile from ear to ear as many would wish us well and send us on our way with love.  Well, why not look at each and everyday as if there is cause to celebrate, even if it is not your birthday!! Imagine all the gifts that await you, imagine all the love that is coming to you and imagine all the well wishes that will come your way. Visualize this and make it happen each and everyday.  It will make the journey that much better.  So each and everyday you get to awake to a bright and beautiful day, open your eyes with much appreciation for today even if it is in your own mind just may be your birthday! So do what you can with what you have, right where you are!!!  Happy Big and Beautiful Birthday everyone! May it be filled with fun, love, laughter and most of all joy! So are you ready for your joyous adventure???

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