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And what a great journey it is!

It is Saturday and I just finished perusing the new posts from the many talented and creative people who are out there.  It has been over a year now and  it just dawned on me how important the blogging world has become for me on so many different levels. For one, it has given me a wider audience for my own personal thoughts of the day.  I have established so many more connections than I would have if I stayed within my own little circle of the world.  Two, I get to see and read the talent that is out there. From the Positivity Experiment that has exposed me to a great piece of work that has opened my eyes to see life in a different way to the Joyful Cacophony who has made suggestions on how to live a more tranquil life.  There are so many more out there in the blogging world who have shared their artistry via paintings, photography, advice, skill in  poetry and have reached out and connected with me as to their own personal thoughts as well.  In a word, for me the blogging world gives me a lot of hope. Why hope? Because there are so many of us out there ready to express our creativity through both joy and suffering, through our fears and our courage, and most of all through being vulnerable with one another.  I just love a good blogger and am enjoying the journey more so as I get to experience all the different blogs. It has been a great part of the Sunrise of my Soul’s Bliss and for that I will take this moment this Saturday morning before i go off to my voice lesson with my daughter and say THANK YOU ALL! It does make life more interesting and a lot more fun. Let’s keep up the creative karmic cycle of life! Have a wonderful day!!!

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