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An optimistic attitude is the key to a magical life!

“Our attitude toward life determines life’s attitude towards us.” Earl Nightingale 1921-1989, Author of The Strangest Secret The world is just a mirrored reflection of your state of mind.  Whether you decide to be amazed by life or quite the opposite, it really depends on how you decide to experience each and every circumstance you face on a daily basis. Your attitude is key. Throughout history, many of the people that you and I admire most are those who look for things to be passionate about.  They are driven by a magical sense of all that is possible.  They develop an attitude of determination and never allow any obstacles to get in the way of discovering their truth.  They venture out into the world with a mental plan supported by a belief that once they make the decision to become all they could be, the universe will respond in kind.  In turn, when you set out to realize your dreams in life, remember that your attitude will be the determining factor that will empower you forward or not.  With a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and a tremendous belief in yourself, you can accomplish anything that you put your mind to regardless of what others may say.  And then the mirrored reflection that life will show you will be filled with many magical moments of joy, happiness and love. Kind of like the universe saying thank you for for being a part of bringing all that is good to this world.  Something magical to think about!  

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